2011 Gong Ting Ripe Puer

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You know what they say...appearances don’t matter. Well, yeah but steep by steep, something more is seriously happening and we can’t even tell you exactly what or why.

Brewing this tea is like venturing into the unknown. While the initial taste is well rounded and more than satisfying, it's nothing shock level electrifying. This gong ting puer is a rather straightforward puer in terms of having a traditional ripe puer flavor. That is, until you dive deeper with more steepings.

The complexity increases with each infusion, where each layer of earthiness becomes increasingly noticeable. For any lesser quality tea, flavor tends to fade out. Here we not only have no sign of bitterness which happens with a lot of common gong ting puers, but also more depth, and straight up creaminess that seems like it’ll last forever even after longer steep times.


Origin: Yunnan, China
Harvest: 2011
Flavor Notes: Earthy  
Mouth Feel: Deep, round, smooth


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Sizes: 25g sample

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