Keep fresh while staying original.
No fluff. No added ingredients. No flavors. No BS. Straight tea. 


You know the feeling of looking back after you learned to appreciate something and then wanting to share it with anyone and everyone? That's me with tea.

I grew up as an Asian American kid, which sometimes meant trying to fit into an “American” mold and rejecting cultural roots to an extent—stuff like opting for burgers and fries all the time instead of rice or being conscious about speaking the mother tongue in public.

College changed all that when I chose to study abroad in China. I lived, breathed, and tasted my own culture on a whole new level. A lot of what’s portrayed or shared in America when it comes to Chinese culture is outdated. So why aren’t those things catching up on this side of the world?

Experiencing age old traditions like drinking tea in this modern context got me hooked. I have been studying under tea masters in Hong Kong ever since. All of this taught me that enjoying tea (actually everything not just tea) doesn’t always have to be done a way that conforms to old traditions even though those old traditions still hold merit. More than anything, it’s about figuring out how to improve upon the old to create the new. 



  • Push limits by sharing the rigor, method, and discipline for making tea with everyone
  • Strive for open expression and creativity in the art of making and enjoying tea 
  • Positively impact people's mind and body through providing knowledge and actionable insights

If this is how you roll too, you're in. Let's do this.