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We're more than capable of creating the healthiest conditions for ourselves. That's where the fun is. Healthy people are happy people. At least that's what both common wisdom and years of research out there tell us.

Cool story here. This Bama black tea, originates from a small remote county called Bama (巴馬) in Guangxi, China. What sticks out most about this quaint little village is the average longevity of local residents. Bama has the largest population of centenarians aka elders over 100 years old in the world. Wait, what? Yes. Longer lifespans are concentrated here.

There's a lot of contributing factors to Bama residents' great health. We're no doctors, but we can tell you this–tea. Tea is an everyday habit for just about everyone in Bama and this black tea is no exception at all. Crops grown in mineral rich water from the Panyang River and ideal subtropical climates yield thriving crops of tea. Whether you're after health benefits or the flavors in your tea, there is no going wrong with these leaves because you get both. The apricot notes paired with peach flavors most definitely add to the chill vibes. Health and flavor in the purest sense is a major core value for Onjin and these leaves hit all the spots.

The nitty gritty in case you have lots of time or are super curious and want to know everything

Origin: Guangxi, China

Harvest: Spring 2021

Flavor Notes: Apricots, peach

Mouth Feel: Light bodied, subtly rich

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Size: 60g

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