Bi Luo Chun

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If we were any less in touch with reality, we'd think we're jumping up and down a trampoline with every sip.

Truth is, we're completely conscious and aware. Get ready for pure bliss and nothing less with every sip as the flavors take you higher and higher. Expect gentle waves of calming bliss as you slow down and savor the flavors of what this tea has to offer before you bounce back up to the moments of enjoyment. This bi luo chun wakes you up in the most natural way and healthy way possible.

These bi luo chun leaves are grown and harvested in the lush, green gardens of Jiangsu. Our fellow humans were already enjoying this over 1,000 years ago during the Sui and Tang dynasties in China and the strong and popular reputation still holds to this day, for good reason. As with any truly great green tea, there is a multistep process from seed to leaf. Skillful timing of planting to wok tossing by an experienced master. How can something so light take one on such a vibrant journey? Get ready to expect a different flavor profile consisting of softer tastes accompanied by punchy awakening effects. Do yourself a favor and  allow yourself to taste the magic .


The nitty gritty in case you have lots of time or are super curious and want to know everything

Origin: Jiangsu, China

Harvest: Spring 2021

Flavor Notes: Dandelion greens, watercress

Mouth Feel: Light bodied, gentle, smooth

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Size: 60g

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