2006 Baby P

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Alright, let’s be real. This isn’t really called Baby P but named Baby P because it’s easier for you to pronounce, therefore remember. If you want to get technical, this is technically a 2006 Ban Zhang Gong Ting Puer. Names can get redundant or confusing in the puer universe. Just know this one will take you on an adventure where you can embark on an exhilarating tea odyssey with this extraordinary brew.

We’ve decided to use the mythical Chinese tale, Dream of the Red Chamber as the metaphor for this welcoming tea. This tale is one about perspective and most of all a degree of feminine qualities. Brace yourself for a mind-altering experience that will shatter all your preconceptions of what tea can be. Get ready to be swept away by an explosion of enchanting aromas and captivating flavors that will transport you to realms unknown. As a lady, this nourishes, relaxes, and warms you.

Consistency reigns supreme in this extraordinary brew. With every infusion, you'll be rewarded with a symphony of flavors that remains steadfast, unwavering in its brilliance. This tea is resilient, forgiving of brewing variations, but to unleash its full potential, we urge you to unleash the fury of boiling water ideally 183°F or hotter (Even better at 183°F and up). Prepare yourself for an onslaught of indulgence as you steep this tea multiple times, each infusion unveiling new depths of greatness.

Surrender to the allure of the Dream of the Red Chamber Puer Cake and let it sweep you away on a wild adventure of the senses. Brace yourself for a rollercoaster ride of flavor explosions and a whirlwind of emotions. This is not just tea; this is a passport to an extraordinary world where dreams come alive in every sip. Get ready to surrender to the thrill of the unknown and experience tea like never before. The adventure awaits.



The nitty gritty in case you have lots of time or are super curious and want to know everything

Origin: Yunnan, China

Harvest: 2006

Flavor Notes: Even floral hints, deep earthiness, subtle, green grapes

Mouthfeel: Smooth, velvety

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