2011 Lil P

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"Let's be real again. If you aren't allowing yourself to let loose here and there, every now and then, then you're not truly experiencing the joys of life, let alone maintaining a healthy lifestyle. That's why we proudly introduce Lil P, our loose Puer tea offering.”

An inspired comparison to the charismatic energy of Shaquille O'Neal. Just like Shaq's larger-than-life presence on and off the court, this Lil P embodies a perfect balance of strength and playfulness. Don’t let the size mention here fool you. We’re talking flavor, feel hence energy, and health benefits here. These are loose leaves at the end of the day.

Similar to Shaq's dominating presence in the NBA, our Lil P boasts a bold and robust flavor profile that captivates the senses. With deep earthy undertones and a powerful yet smooth character, every sip of this is a slam dunk for your taste buds.

But just as Shaq knows how to have fun and let loose, Lil P tea also offers a vibrant and joyous side. Like Shaq's playful demeanor, Lil P features subtle hints of sweetness and a refreshing touch, adding a delightful twist to every cup.

Experience the captivating essence of Shaq's charisma in every brew. Our Puer tea, like Shaq, is here to bring enjoyment and excitement to your tea-drinking moments. Get ready to indulge in a blend that combines strength, boldness, and a touch of lightheartedness, leaving you with an unforgettable and uplifting tea experience."

You can literally taste the youth in these leaves or at least train your palette to recognize what younger puer tastes like. Your digestion and circulation will still love you. Deeper and stronger than a black or red tea, your taste buds or body won’t regret this.




The nitty gritty in case you have lots of time or are super curious and want to know everything

Origin: Yunnan, China

Harvest: 2011

Flavor Notes: Floaty earthiness, light woody notes

Mouthfeel: Smooth, velvety

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