2006 Ban Zhang Gong Ting Puer

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You may or may not feel the same about puer ever again, speaking from personal experiences here. All you really need to know is you better prepared for endless flowery whiffs and deeply layered flavors with these leaves because you're headed for another universe with this experience. Love at first sip is real.

Imagine lying in a bed of flowers or taking a long, relaxing stroll in a garden filled with colored flowers and pleasantly smelling natural, raw fragrance all around you at just the right level. Nothing heavy but just the right level as nature intended. This puer is just that.

At least that's exactly what the first impression of this tea was. Apparently falling in love at first sip is a thing. All we can say is there's no other puer like it, period. Taste buds were taken to a whole new universe, not world but universe, because the flavors were so different from any other puer.

What's more is after several rounds of both testing and experimentation, consistency throughout is confirmed. This is a hardy one, tough to screw up here except when your water's not hot enough (ideally 183° F or more) to unleash the full dose of greatness. We're talking several rounds of infusions here. We steeped this at least 6-10 times with every round of testing (same as enjoyment in this case).

16 years old. Exceptional distinctness. One of a kind, for real. This is in comparison to all the hundreds of other puers we've ever tried (One of the only true evaluation methods).


The nitty gritty in case you have lots of time or are super curious and want to know everything

Origin: Yunnan, China

Harvest: 2006

Flavor Notes: Orchids, roses, strawberries

Mouthfeel: Deep, smooth, even


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Size: 326 cake

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